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Sam Bauman
So.. Maryland, USA
2016-10-11, 20:40:12
We had the pleasure of seeing and hearing you in Nanjemoy last weekend. Fantastic show; excellent venue for acoustic music. We love your blend, and of course, we did "buy (2) CDs." Look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.

Sydney Australia
2016-08-29, 20:37:30
Over the years I have been fortunate to have watched North Sea Gas from their beginnings @ Platform One, in Edinburgh what is a lifetime ago, and have enjoyed every concert Ive watched them playing since.

But the one memory I hold dear, is hearing Wee Ronnie sing when he was a Solo act, just prior to joining the group. He sang a haunting version of a song I often recall and sing to myself. He sang it in a bar on Morrison Street, to a small audience including myself and Ronnies besty Brian McKeown, still remember it after all these years!!!!
Byker Hill

If I had another penny
I would have another gill
I would make the piper play
The bonny lass of Byker Hill

Byker Hill and Walker Shore
Collier lads for ever more (2x)

The pitman and the keelman trim
They drink bumble made from gin
Then to dance they do begin
To the tune of Elsie Marley

When first I went down to the dirt
I had no cowl nor no pitshirt
Now I've gotten two or three
Walker Pit's done well by me

Geordie Charlton, he had a pig
He hit it with a shovel and it danced a jig
All the way to Walker Shore
To the tune of Elsie Marley
Susan Branch
Massachusetts, USA
2016-08-25, 05:53:25
How can you be in America, when we're coming to Scotland to see you??? xoxo
2016-08-03, 14:53:59
Great concert in Herford last Sunday! Thank you. Looking forward to your concert next year. Regards Wolfgang from BŁnde (Near Herford)
Dale Nupp
Lansdowne, PA, USA
2016-05-12, 15:26:57
Saw you boys at the Lansdowne Folk Club outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed your show immensely. I'm going to arrive in Edinburgh on July 11, 2016. Hope to catch your concert at Stirling that evening if I can catch a bus or train from Edinburgh to Stirling and back.
Doris Williamson
BC Canada
2016-03-29, 12:13:20
I love you music and would really love to go to a concert but I cannot get to any concerts. I am trying to get all your CDs but so for all I have is one cassette. I had two but one wore out so now I wnt Cds instead, they do not wear out so fast. Keep up the music you are great
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