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Kirkpatrick Hill
kirkpatrickhill @ gmail.com
2016-12-31, 17:19:05
Your song, Sonny's Dream, has haunted me for years, maybe because our original home is on the Yukon, very isolated, tiny village, and though Sonny's dilemma could never be repeated there because no one I ever knew would be so unselfish as Sonny..anyway, I'm a writer and I'm convinced that there's a true story behind your song. Can you tell it?
Rob Jones
2016-12-14, 13:29:51
Just want to wish the brilliant North Sea Gas a great Xmas and New Year. Look forward to seeing you again next year in the Hannover area!
J. Wilson
Atlanta, GA
2016-11-29, 14:15:16
Great to see the band online, David. I was one of your followers at Platform One in the Fall of 1986 when I was at Edinburgh University. Sounds better than ever!
2016-11-12, 09:47:15
Hi. Linde. Glad you enjoyed the show . See you next yeare.
It was good to meet you Tommy.
Caledonia was for you mate.
Thanks to all who have come to see us
It's a pleasure to play. Dave.
Linde, Ina, Mr. M, Sonja und Biggy
Germany, Saxonia
2016-11-07, 05:57:00
What a wonderful evening last Monday in Altenburg at Finnegans Irish House. All the best to you. We hope to meet you again next year. Best wishes from us.
Tommy Crockett
2016-11-06, 05:36:46
Three years ago I missed the concert in the Burgschänke, Burgthann. My friends who were there brought a signed copy of "the fire and passion of scotland" for my birthday. So I was pleased to be at the concert last night with some of my family and friends. We thoroughly enjoyed a great night of music and patter but it was tough going when you played "Caladonia", I can't hear this song without the tears rolling. It was a real pleasure to meet you guys, the best kind of ambassadors for Scotland. Tak tent, Tam
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